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Heater Repair

Hot Water Heater Services

  • 24-Hour Emergency AC Repairs​​

  • Water Heater Installation: Our comprehensive services include professional installation of water heaters, ensuring proper sizing and efficient setup to meet your hot water needs effectively while minimizing the risk of water damage to your home.

  • Water Heater Maintenance: We offer regular maintenance and inspection services for water heaters, detecting and addressing potential rust issues and other maintenance requirements to maximize the lifespan and performance of your unit.

  • Water Heater Repairs: We work with a wide range of trusted brands in the industry, ensuring that we can provide service, repair, and maintenance for water heaters from all major manufacturers, giving you the flexibility and peace of mind that your specific brand is covered.


Prevent water damage to your home by addressing potential rust issues in hot water heaters through regular maintenance and proactive identification.

Why Us?

Experience the best in AC repairs, installation, and service by choosing A-C Temp, Voted the best AC repair service in Port St. Lucie, FL for three consecutive years.


With over 15 years of local expertise, licensed and insured technicians, and award-winning customer service, we guarantee your satisfaction.


Call or book with us now to enjoy exceptional cooling solutions for your home or business.

Contact us about our commercial HVAC services or, or if you need an emergency commercial air conditioning repair. Our experienced service professionals are ready to show you why the greatest companies in Florida choose us as their preferred HVAC contractor. 

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